By working with you

  • To find practical solutions to real business issues

  • To deliver tangible improvements

  • To provide longevity, with roadmaps to help strengthen and build your business

Our Values

  • Honesty

    Saying what we think, doing what we can and staying true to ourselves and our partners

  • Integrity

    Sticking to our morals and principles

  • Clarity

    Delivering simple, clear communication – no jargon or management speak

  • Respect

    Always recognising the views, opinions and expertise of others

Our Ethos

Over 30 years of experience has galvanised Richard’s core belief, best summarised by the equation: A + B = C

A) The best business leaders are those that listen, learn, grow, develop and have the courage to do the right things at the right time.
B) The best businesses are those that allow their leaders to do just that.
C) A successful, well established, innovative business, powered by a motivated, committed, creative and ever improving workforce.

Openness, honesty and an absolute commitment to neither over promise or under deliver. We believe in partners not clients.

We believe in partners not clients. Rather than becoming a supplier, the BIS model is based on becoming a business partner to our client – building a relationship where trust and honesty are fundamental. By building those relationships, BIS can then provide the independent, no hidden agenda style of consultancy which is often lacking in today’s marketplace. If it’s what the business needs and we can do it then we’ll deliver. Plain and simple.

Managing People



Organisational Design

Personal Development



Action Learning


Richard Hamilton

Richard formed BIS in 2011 with the clear intention to provide no-frills consultancy and tangible support to businesses.

Throughout his career, Richard has always believed that people are the most valuable asset that any organisation has at their disposal.

The most successful companies that Richard has experienced are those that recognised the value of their key people and fully utilised their skills and capabilities to drive winning business strategies.

”What we strive to be is a trusted business partner and on-going asset to all those clients we work with” explained Richard.

“From my experience, the best way to support a business isn’t to simply parachute in, deliver a piece of business based consultancy, a session or two of coaching or an isolated training course and then make a swift exit with the money in your back pocket and no genuine on-going interest in the impact or effect those activities may have.”

“Instead what we look to do is build an understanding of how the business works, reviewing what they might be looking for and then considering the longevity and value of any potential solution before putting any solutions forward.”

“By building and sustaining a relationship with the client, we are then in a much better position to help them in the long term – which is what everybody wants”

Each one receives the same level of attention and a consistent approach – but crucially on their terms and in their time frames.

“As the relationship grows, so does the trust and that means we are perfectly placed to advise and direct the clients without obligation and most importantly without the client suspecting that the aim is to feather a particular nest, regardless of the benefit to the business”

Richard has already established relationships with a diverse range of businesses including Finance Houses, Insurance Companies, Facilities Management Providers, Trust Companies, Technology Providers and Public Service Departments.