Pay Day Loan Advertising on Children’s TV…REALLY!?

By admin on December 23, 2013

Once again my faith in those who supposedly lead the Country has diminished! At a time where economic growth is critical and a period where businesses need all the support ... Read More

Which major business news story caught my eye today?

By admin on October 30, 2013

No, not the greedy energy firm battles, or changes to the pension fees cap – instead it was the story that will probably impact on more people world... Read More

The Emperor’s New Clothes

By admin on October 14, 2013

On reflection, what has struck me more than anything else is the amount of soul searching and care I have taken to try and get it right in terms of co... Read More

Marlborough Group

By admin on October 11, 2013

"In today’s business environment it’s easy to get lost amongst the jungle of jargon which permeates management training, strategic thinking and bu... Read More

Crowd Media

By admin on October 11, 2013

"Richard always says it like it is, formally or informally, and that is exactly what we've needed. Richard has worked with us to better understand res... Read More